Many thanks to Chris Havergil from the Cambridge News for the coverage of the Lake Project and the meeting on Wednesday evening. In his article “It’s beach weather… so why don’t we build one in Cambridge? Major survey launched over plans for sand and swimming at new urban country park” he mentions the idea of the so called Romsey Beach. Just to clarify the Cambridge Lakes Project position on this idea: we have consulted with the residents bordering on the end of the southern lake, the site where the this beach was first talked about, and they are overwhelmingly against the idea sue to proximity of their houses and noise. Therefore our group does not support the creation of a beach here, and it is not in our plans. This area is not in “Romsey”, but in Cherry Hinton, so the beach idea was always misnamed. There is no beach at this site, only a chalky flat area and dramatic sudden drop off into deep water. The interests of those residents in Cherry Hinton are of great importance and care should be taken to make sure any development at the lakes is sensitive to them.

We still enthusiastically support water access and beach type facilities in the new Urban Country Park, but only in a location suitable for the purpose.

The “Romsey Beach” Problem

One thought on “The “Romsey Beach” Problem

  • 7th March 2015 at 1:55 pm

    The roads surrounding this site are either VERY narrow or VERY busy. Has the council considered the cost of supplying a full Life Guard placement for the site and for a maintenance staff to clear up the rubbish that you see at all coastal beaches??


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