It’s the last two days to fill out our survey. Just click on the link and tell us what you think

It really matters that the people who will use the new urban country park let the city council and the developers know what you’d like to see in the park–and that you’d like to see a park that is open to all.

Final Two Days!!
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One thought on “Final Two Days!!

  • 24th February 2015 at 3:10 pm

    I am a photographer and martial arts instructor living in Cherry Hinton since May 2014. This sounds like a beautiful idea and i will be at the consultation at Queen Ediths. I would be interested in knowing how extensively people may use this place. I would love to be givwn permiasion in tge summer months to teach Thai Chi and Kung fu by some beautiful lakes. Also my photography side is always keen to capture nature, water, diversity. How anyone can possibly be against this area enhancing plan!!


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