A Q&A with Steve Turvill. Steve is the owner of Mill Road’s Italian deli, Limoncello, and the founder of the Camlakes project.

What kinds of activities would you like to see at the Cambridge Lakes?

All non-motorised activities; that could be swimming, diving, jogging, picnicking,dog-walking, fishing, diving, rambling–or just standing and admiring the view.

Are the Lakes currently accessible? If not, why not?

Absolutely not! The lakes are fenced in the interest of safety. People should obey the signposts to ‘Keep Out’, and come and work with us to develop the site safely. You can peek through the fence, but we do not encourage people to enter at this time.

Is there any connection between the Chalk Pit Nature reserve in Cherry Hinton and this project?

No, but we share the goals of being environmentally sensitive, and having minimal impact on wildlife and biodiversity.

Do you hope to renovate all three lakes, or just one or two?

The aim is to open all three of them. It may be that one is used for swimming, one for fishing, and one for boating. We will have to see what is appropriate and sustainable.

What will happen to the existing fishing lake and the carp it contains?

Absolutely nothing; they are a valuable resource for the fishermen.

It’s said that there are old pieces of equipment and other hazards under the water. Is that true?

Not as far as we know, but the local diving club may wish to sink some objects to train on in the future.

How will you decide on a plan and a design for the project?

We have a team of trained architects who we hope will come up with a range of possibilities for people to weigh in on, but ultimately it will be decided by the current landowners–the City Council.

Who is going to pay for it?

We are committed to raising whatever funds are necessary–by any ethical means!