Here’s a good roundup by David Brooks from Cam Valley Forum of the meeting we had last week. The meeting was instigated by Romsey Labour councillor Dave Baigent. Andreas and I sat around the table with the City Planning Head, Patsy Dell, the developers of the Camlakes site, Anderson Group, and other interested parties and politicians.It was a productive and positive meeting. We are moving forward!

CVF 15

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City Hall Meeting
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One thought on “City Hall Meeting

  • 28th February 2015 at 4:58 pm

    For years these lakes have been deemed dangerous because of its depth, after all it’s a quarry.
    So why now has it become a good idea to encourage swimming and other activities?
    The only use that the lakes are good for is fishing and should remain that way after all the fisherman have occupied the lake for many years.
    Also where do you propose people park when visiting the lakes, I know outside local residents homes causing parking issues.
    So let’s say it hoes ahead, who supervises the lakes at night?


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